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Large Format Tiles

The large tiles are changing traditional way of thinking about ceramic tiles.

Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles

This luxurious tile collection Inspired by architecture, art, fashion, and nature.

Wood Collections

Bring nature to your home with Our beautiful wood-like porcelain tiles.

Wall Decor

Create an intriguing interior that WILL BE admirED by everyone.

Experience the epitome of luxury interior design with LuxArt Decor, your one-stop destination in Fort Myers, Florida. Our exclusive collection of top-notch products is designed to elevate your home into a realm of unparalleled elegance. We pride ourselves in offering a vast array of design services and products to cater to your unique preferences and style. Let us help you create a sanctuary of opulence and sophistication in the comfort of your own home. Contact us or pay a visit to our showroom today, and let us turn your design dreams into reality.

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Luxury Kitchen Tiles

The kitchen is the heart of the home, with our tiles you will create neat, clean, and inviting spaces where you will enjoy and relax with your family and friends.

Luxury Bathroom Tiles

The bathroom is one of the essential rooms at home. It is where you start your day and unwind after the hard ones, although, it is often overlooked when it comes to interior designing. With our help you can transform your bathroom into a restful, inviting, and luxurious space.

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High Quality TIles

Top Quality Craftsmanship

We invite you to check all our products that are characterized by world-class quality through the use of the most advanced technologies. Explore and design a unique interior with collections from the most sought-after European brands. We invite you to browse through our tile offerings to find out more on the latest trends or get inspired by visiting our showroom and letting your imagination run wild – create the space of your dreams.
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Why choose Luxart Decor

Stunning tiles for every room in the house or commercial space.

The ceramic tiles have all necessary certificates and approvals confirming their quality, properties, and full compatibility with applicable standards.

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Visit Showroom

For many of us seeing is believing - visit the showroom and be stunned by the high-quality, luxury kitchen, bath and outdoor tiles.

Free Estimate

Let LuxArt Decor help you calculate how much materials you should get to fit your project. Whether you are looking for luxurious floor tiles, bath tiles or a backsplash, visit us.

Design Service

Our talented designers can create a unique retreat design just for you. Schedule today to explore indoor and outdoor possibilities!

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Luxurious European Tiles, Ideas, Design

Transform Your Space into a
Luxurious Retreat

Check the tiles that are made of natural and noble raw materials, and decorated with natural dyes which are safe for your health and the environment. They can be used not only as bathroom tiles but also as kitchen tiles, in a restaurant, office or spa. Enjoy them as original and durable furniture coverings as well as facade cladding.


The wooden tiles perfectly reflect the appearance of wooden planks yet are much more practical in terms of maintenance. They look stylish in the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom, on the floor and on the wall. It is a universal product which gives the interior a modern touch.
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Restaurant Decor Tiles

The appearance of your restaurant is almost as important as the quality of your food and service. That is why you need to choose beautiful flooring, no matter what. When you select a tile floor, you never have to worry about sacrificing style for functionality. Whether you operate a quick-serve concept or upscale dining, there is a tile floor which will not only make the lives of your staff easier but also impress your guests. A fine tile floor can become the showpiece for your business.

Outdoor Tiles & Pavers

Elevate the appeal of your outdoor space with our exquisite range of outdoor tiles and pavers. Just like the interior of your establishment, the exterior deserves attention to detail. Our outdoor tiles and pavers blend style with functionality, ensuring that your outdoor area not only looks stunning but also stands up to the elements. Whether you’re creating a cozy patio or a grand entrance, our selection offers versatility and durability. Transform your outdoor space into a captivating showcase that enhances your establishment’s charm and allure.

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